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Coffeecup Software provide several applications covering a wide range of uses. This is a collection of examples and features plus some useful tips, tricks and user questions and answers about each one, hopefully by visiting these pages you will learn more about each product.


This site has been created using only Coffeecup Software applications.

Web design and layout

You have decided that you want to build your own website, we have listed 2 options to start you on your way. Also in this section are ideas for building site navigation and of course, something you need to upload the completed pages to your host server.

HTML Editor 2007 - Visual Site Designer - Flash Menu Builder - Direct FTP


Tools for adding Flash Animations and video banners made easy. Don't know what to do with those digital snaps you took while on holiday or at a wedding, we have 2 tools to help you put them online.

Firestarter - Ad Producer - Pix Converter - Flash Website Font

News and Contact

You now have your own website published and visible to the world, next you will need your visiors to be able to communicate with you.

Web Form Builder - Web Calendar - Live Chat - Web Blogger - RSS News Flash


Visitors are now coming to your website so maybe it is now time to provide them with some entertainment Show your latest home made video to your friends and family, why not let them listen to your favourite music.

Web Video Player - Web Video Recorder - Web Juke Box - Photo Gallery

Other useful tools

Search engines need to be able to find all your sites pages and your visitors need a way to find information related to specific words, here are 2 tools that help you solve both problems.

Sitemapper - Site Search - Password Wizard


Website Access Manageer uses the .htaccess file management system for password protecting areas of your site, block user ip addresses and works with any Apache-compatible Web server.

Shopping Cart Creator

It's finally here, the long awaited Coffeecup Shopping Cart Creator will guide you through the tasks for building your own online store. Current payment methods are PayPal and Google Checkout but more will be available during the ongoing development.
Frequently asked Questions plus help tips and tricks.


Formbuilder E-mail Subject Line
Two different ways to set the Subject Line for your Contact Form.


Adding Anchor Bookmarks to a VSD Page
The idea of this page is to show as easily as possible how to add bookmark links into a page created with VSD. Ideal if you wish to create a Question and Answers page.


Creating Custom Formbuilder Results
Here are the basic steps for creating a custom page that your visitor is sent to after they have clicked the 'Submit' button on your form.


Creating Custom Google Sitemap Page
How to add a customised Sitemap Page.


Creating a WebsiteSearch Results Page - HTML
How to change the the Search Results page to match your own layout.


Creating a WebsiteSearch Results Page - VSD
How to change the the Search Results page to match your own Visual Site Designer layout.