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Visual Site Designer

Visual Site Designer is perfect software choice for the web designer that would like to create web pages without handwriting code. CoffeeCup VisualSite Designer is a WYSIWYG Website Creator and Editor that helps you make Web pages with no experience or HTML knowledge.

If you are a designer that likes to write code but still would like the simplicity of drag and drop; VisualSite Designer is the perfect choice! You can combine handwritten code with the drag and drop features for perfectly designed pages.


VisualSite Designer has its own image creation tools to add effects like shadows, glow, and transparency to your text and images. Mouseover buttons and effects are simple.

When you have finished adding your content, VSD creates all the image effects and JavaScript for you!


Uploading your site could not be easier - VSD does the work for you with just one click and all of your pages and support files are uploaded to where you have designated the files to be stored on your server.



This page was created in VisualSite Designer. It was designed to show that you can create your pages in VSD and cordinate the design with a site that may have already been published.



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Adding Anchor Bookmarks to a VSD Page
The idea of this page is to show as easily as possible how to add bookmark links into a page created with VSD. Ideal if you wish to create a Question and Answers page.

Creating Custom Formbuilder Results
Here are the basic steps for creating a custom page that your visitor is sent to after they have clicked the 'Submit' button on your form.

Creating Custom Google Sitemap Page
How to add a customised Sitemap Page.

Creating a WebsiteSearch Results Page - HTML
How to change the the Search Results page to match your own layout.

Creating a WebsiteSearch Results Page - VSD
How to change the the Search Results page to match your own Visual Site Designer layout.


Questions - Answers

Q. Will WebSite Access Manager work with Visual Site Designer Sites?
A. Yes. Please go to WebSite Access Manager with VSD for instructions.

Q. Do I have to know any HTML code at all?
A. No, you can start designing your pages immediately with the easy to find VSD tools on the left hand side of the working windows. For example: Click on a took, such a the picture tool and follow each window.

Q. How do I upload my site?
A. VisualSite Designer has it own Built-In FTP. You configure your server settings and they are saved for future uploading

Q. How do I format my text?
A. VisualSite Designer's text tool box allows you to select your preferences, then writes the code for you.

Q. Will I need a graphics software to create and edit my graphics?
A. It is always good to have a good graphics software for graphic editing. But you can create objects from within VSD or insert your image and then apply bevels, shadows, layers, and much more. VSD makes it simple to position your graphics with its drag and drop feature, including rotating and layering.

Q. How do I insert different Keywords and a Description for each page?
A. If you would like for all your pages to have the same Keywords and Description click on "Insert Keywords and Description" under Edit .
If you would like to insert different Keywords and Descriptions for each page, DO NOT chose this option. For each page, click on the HTML Tool Icon on Tool Bar or "Insert HTML Header" under Edit.

Q.Can I add a DHTML Menu to my VSD Site?
A. This is not possible, due to the way VSD organizes the code.


Tips and Tricks

VisualSite Designer

  • Click on a Tool Button that is located on the left hand side of the work window to insert text boxes, html, objects, music, videos, and much more.
  • Forms can be easlity inserted in the VSD. Create your form in in CoffeeCup Web Form Builder, copy the HTML Code, open VSD, choose the HTML Tool, Paste the code, and then follow the on screen steps.
  • Use your keyboard arrow kesy to nudge objects around in VSD
  • Built in Templates are nice for instant design choices and helps with learning VSD
  • The built in import wizard makes it simple to add the support files needed for forms, videos, photo albums, jukebox, and more.
  • Add image effects in VSD, such as drop shadows, glow effects, bevels, mouseovers, and you can position the image at any angle.