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Flash FireStarter

FirestarterCoffeeCup Flash FireStarter is the greatest flash software for instantly creating killer flash movies, image and text effects, navigation systems, graphic logos, and banner!

FireStarter has over 65 build in effects and great selection of MP3 Sounds.

FireStarter has a easy to use TimeLine Interface that makes creating your effects quickly and simple to apply.

FireStarter converts Animated Gif's into mini flash files.






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Questions - Answers

Q. How can I make my movies transparent in Firestarter?
A. To make your movies transparent, paste this code in between the HTML Object tags.
'< param NAME="wmode" Value="transparent"; >' (Take out the space after and before the '<' and '>' when inserting this code.

Q. Why is Firestarter still running in Trial when I have the full version?
A. You must uninstall the trial version before installing the registered version. Use the Add/Remove from Window Control Panel and Select "Automatic". For Advanced users, if you select "Custom Uninstall", watch the paths, because you could uninstall other CoffeeCup Software files.

Q. I can't find my .swf file to reopen for editing.
A. Firestarter saves the working file as '.fire'. This is the file you open to edit your flash design.

Q. Can I embed an existing flash project into FireStarter?
A. Not at this time.

Q. Is it possible to have my animated gif's as a flash animation?
A. Yes! You can convert animated gif's into flash files.


Tips and Tricks


  • Built-In Effects
  • Transparency for images and animations for any background,
  • The Action Script Timeline is easy to use with great control.
  • Over 50 cool MP3 Sounds.
  • Converts GIF Animations to tiny Flash files
  • Banner Wizard makes Flash Ads in a Snap!
  • Supports all Images in the Popular Formats.
  • Automatically converts WAV's to MP3's for faster loading!
  • Timeline is efficient with a non complicated interface.
  • Resizing Objects in the Working Window: Resize the size of your flash background, images, and other objects by left clicking to select the object, then move your mouse over the edges. When your mouse turns to a line with arrows on each end; you can left click, hold down your button, and drag to resize.
  • If you need a replay button or text link for your flash movie, use the "hot spot" function to create it.
    1- Click the hot spot button.
    2- Drag the hot spot into position.
    3- Choose your hot spot shape.
    4- Place text in hot spot if text is desired.
    5- In the properties under "action" choose "go to frame".
    6- Select frame 0 for the start of the movie.
    7- You can choose other frame numbers to replay movie at a different start point.
  • CoffeeCup FireStarter has its own Built-In FTP for uploading your files.