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CoffeeCup Live Chat

CoffeeCup Live Chat

Now you can have a Live Chat Session instantly with your Web visitor or a Live Chat Room on your site. This is a great tool to allow visitors, friends, family, organizations members, or clients to chat with you from your Web Site. Live Chat has a built in Wizard that allows your to create your Chat preferences without knowledge of HTML or Flash. This is a great tool and much faster than email. If you have a e-site, you can quickly interact with your clients to answers any inquires they may have about your product.


There are two options for Chat Sessions. The built-in wizard will asked you if you want "Live Chat" or "Public Chat Room". 'Live Chat' requires that you have your chat softrware opened and logged in for visitors to chat with you. The Chat icon will be in your Systray on your computer. 'Public Chat Room' is for multi-users to sign into one chat window. You will need to go to the page where the chat room is embeded and sign in for visitor to chat with you.



You must open and keep your CoffeeCup Chat Program for the Live Chat.
You will be prompted to Log-In.
An example of a logged in Chat session from your software:


Your visitor to your site will see the example of Log-In Window below, when they click on the chat link which you will post on your page in a visible area. You can use an image for your chat link. The visitor does not have to have a Username issued to them before entered a name they would like to use to chat with you.


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Questions - Answers

Q. Can more than one person chat on my site?
A. Yes. when you start the Live-Chat Wizard, you will pick "Live Chat" or "Live Chat Room". Select "Live Chat Room".

Q. What is the difference from "Live Chat" and "Public Chat Room"?
A. Live Chat: You have to have your Chat Program opened and logged in to received Chats from visitors. Through your program window you can have more than visitor to chat with you, but they will not see the other's conversation. You have to click on the visitor's name to see their chat.
Public Chat Room:You do not have to have your Chat Program opened to chat with your visitors. But you have to go to the page that you installed your chat on and sign in. In this chat preference, several visitors have the ability to sign into this one screen. Everyone that is signed in will see what each other's chat in the same window.

Q.Can I see who is signed in?
A. In the "Live Chat" you have a side pane that will list the visitors. In "Public Chat Room", you will only see who is signed in, when they enter their chat text.

Q.How will I know when a visitor to my site has signed in to my Live Chat?
A. Their is a sound that will play when someone enters the chat session.

Tips and Tricks

CoffeeCup Flash Live Chat


  • Built-In Wizard for easy installation. No HTML or Flash Required.
  • Customized your Chat with Background Images, Sounds, And More
  • Make sure you upload your files to the same location you specified in Step 1 of the Setup Wizard.
  • Use the right-click menu when uploading your files, to create a new folder of delete a file.
  • Look in the help file for step-by-step instructions on setting up a server profile.
  • Drag the edges of the Input box to make it wider or taller. Under the Advanced tab, you can customize your Welcome and Unavailable messages.
  • Use the Preview to check your chat console before you upload it.
  • The maximum width for a chat console is 1000. The maximum for height is 5000.The program automatically sends a transcript of the chat to the visitor if they enter in their e-mail address when signing in.
  • If you have server profiles already setup in any of our more recent Flash based programs, they will be available in this program.
  • Emoticons help show emotion when chatting with visitors. You can replace the Send Button with an Image.
  • Use the program as a tool for answering customers questions immediately.
  • Chat with multiple users at one time, each with their own conversation, separate from the others for private chatting..
  • Uses Flash, PHP, and XML.
  • Customize the Welcome Message to target your customer base.
  • Free Support and Upgrades for Life