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Password WizardCoffeeCup Password Wizard is the perfect solution to protect files and pages on the Internet from public viewing. Customize the interface to co-ordinate with your site's design. Point users to different URL's and have unlimited users names and passwords! There is no need to know HTML or Flash!

With one click, upload Password Files to your Web site by using CoffeeCup's Built-In FTP Upload Utility!


Password Wizard

Simply selected the options that relate to your site! Below is a sample of the Password Log-In Window that would be on your site.



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Questions - Answers

Q. Does Password Wizard block Directory Browsing?
A. No. You will have to block Directory Browsing through your Server Control Panel. The strongest security is using a .htaccess file. But some servers does not allow access. There is another work around for protection: Framesets

Q. Exactly what can I use for Usernames & Passwords?
A. Letters and numbers can be used. You can also use the @' symbol but no other characters are allowed.

Q. How can I prevent the .apw file from being found and opened from the Internet?
A. This file should not be uploaded to your server. This is your working file that should stay on your computer.

Tips and Tricks

CoffeeCup Password Wizard

  • No Flash or HTML Experience Needed to create your Password protected pages.
  • Built-In Up loader to instantly upload your files. If you have Direct FTP or the CoffeeCup Free FTP, your Built-In Up loader will be configure for you!
  • Customize the Password Window to match the correct size and the colors for your Web Pages.
  • Unlimited User Names and Passwords
  • Send Users to one default URL or to different URLS.
  • Redirection for Incorrect Logins.
  • Preview as you work
  • Password Wizard will work with multiple framesets.
  • Need to change or delete a User? It is easy by double clicking ont the entry under the User Tab. You can upload the .swf file after you make your changes. There is not need to upload the code again, as long as you have not changed your file name.
  • Use Custom Images.
  • Free Support and Upgrades for Life