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Shopping Cart Creator

Now with CoffeeCup Sopping Cart Creator, creating your E-Store has never been easier! Create your store in 30 minutes or less. As with other CoffeeCup's software, the shopping cart does not require HTML Coding. Adding, editing, and organizing is a simple task with a click of the mouse with drag and drop features! So simple! CoffeeCup uses our special mix of PHP, XML, CSS, and HTML.

CoffeeCup Shopping Cart Creator is designed to be installed Windows but you can install and use the software on Max OSX with the correct utilities. Mac OSX! (See Question/Answer below)



All the features are easily accessed by just clicking on the appropriate icon (as you can see in the nice self-explainable icons on the image above), fill in the desired content for your items, and it is all done for you!


Store Front Designs:
Designing your Shopping Cart Store Front is so simple with the pre installed Professionally Designed Themes. If you are an advanced designer, you can edit the templates in a HTML Editor like CoffeeCup HTML Editor, or directly on your server using the Code Editor in CoffeeCup Direct FTP.


Merchant Accounts
At this time, Shopping Cart Creator supports two of the most popular accounts, PayPal™ and Google Checkout. Your customers do not have to have a PayPal™ account set up before purchasing from your store. When they click on "PayPal™ for payment method, an account will automatically be created for them upon checkout.


We are excited about our Shopping Cart. We already have updates and add ons that will be in the near future upgrades -- and -- at no expense to you after you register your product!

More Info - Download Trial - Shopping Cart Help Center - YouTube Video Tutorials



Questions - Answers - Shopping Cart

The questions below are common user type questions with answers that hopefully can offer you quick help. You can find these and more at: CoffeeCup Shopping Cart Help Center

Q. What are the server requirements to use CoffeeCup's Shopping Cart?
A. To use Shopping Cart Creator on your Windows or Linux server, PHP 4.4.7 or higher, cURL extensions, and PHP sessions must be enabled. If this is your first shopping cart or you are not sure of these requirements, you should be able to contact your service provider for verification that you have these requirements. If you want, you could paste this code into Notepad or your editor,

then Click "File > Save As and save the file as phpinfo.php."
You will then need to upload the file to your server using an FTP Client. Open your browser and open the phpinfo.php on your server: www.yourdomain.your extension/phpinfo.php.

Q. What steps do I use to install CoffeeCup Shopping Cart on my Mac OSX?
A. CoffeeCup Software is designed for installation under Windows only. However, you can install and use the software on Mac OSX with the correct utilities. CrossOver, developed by CodeWeavers, allows you to emulate our software through Mac OSX. Another option is to use Parallels, developed by Parallels Inc. . This software will allow you to install any Windows Operating System on your Macintosh.

Q. I know HTML and CSS, can I implement my own Shopping Cart Style?
A. At the present time, Shopping Cart Creator works with the provided styles. However, you can edit the styles by opening the templates in an HTML Editor like CoffeeCup HTML Editor or, you could edit an uploaded template, directly on your server, using the Code Editor in CoffeeCup Direct FTP.

Q. How do I configure PayPal or Google for use with my Shopping Cart Creator?
A. These pages will explain how to implement either of these Payment methods for your cart:
PayPal™ Account
Google Checkout

Q. I don't understand what the tiny " Gold Star" Icon is for. What is to happen when I click on it?
A. The Star icon flags the selected item by placing a star next to it. Flagged items are automatically move the item to your shop homepage..
Shopping Cart

Q. What is the tiny " Globe Icon" Icon beneath the star for?
A. By clicking on this icon, this keeps your items from being published, without deleting it from your cart.
Shopping Cart

Q. I don't understand the difference between and item and a group.
A. An 'Item' is a single product that you sell in your online shop. If you have several different items that are different, you might want to 'Group' them into categories to organize your products. For example: you may sell; DVD Movies and music DVD's. You would want to create a 'Group' for Movies and a separate 'Group' for Music.

Q. Can I have my shop on multiple systems?
A. Yes. Open your existing shop, navigate to 'File > Save Shop As. Create a new folder called 'Shop Backup' and save your shop into this folder. Just copy this saved folder to each computer you would like for your shop to be on. (Suggestion: Put you 'Shop Backup' on a flash drive. Pop it into which ever system you are working on and work from flash drive. Then the shop is always up todate when you go to another computer.

Q. Can I disable my checkout, so I can work on my shop?
A. Yes. Open your Shop in Shopping Cart. Click on 'Your Shop' button that is in the top toolbar. Select the 'Payment Tab' and uncheck the boxes 'Enable PayPal' and "Enable Google Checkout'. Then save and upload your shop. Your cart will appear online, but your customers will not be able to make any purchases. After you have worked on shop, be sure to Enbable your PayPal and Google Checkout and upload your shop.

Q. Will my shopping cart meet SEO Standards
A. Yes. All of our Software is designed with Web Standards and serach engines in mind. Every page created with our software follows W3C markup standards.

Q. I needed to add a script and now I have an error with my cart. What has happened?
A. Even though you can use most HTML tags in the long desctiption, be careful when adding scripts. Some could conflict with teh cart itself. If you encounter this problem, removed teh scripts and/or code and reuplod your cart. If you still have problems, contact our customer support.

Q. Can I have downloadable products in my shopping cart?
A. Yes. Here are the steps:

  1. Set up your items within the software.
  2. When a customer places an order, you will receive a notification.
  3. Respond to the customer with a download location for the prodcut. We recommend using secure services such as to send your customer the download location.

Q. Will Shopping Cart manage my inventory?
A. Yes. Shoppping Cart Creator gives you complete control over your inventory. (Note: If your inventory is depleted, or if you simply don't wish to display an item; selecxt the 'Dont' Publish' - click on the tiny globe beside the product - then save and reupload your cart.

Q. How do I install different theme packs for Shopping Cart Creator?
A. Close Shopping Cart. Click on your on Theme Pack to install. Open Shopping Cart Creator and you should see your new themes.

Q. If I chose, could I use an external FTP Client to upload my shop?
A. Yes. Go to File > Export Server Files. You will be prompted to save your files to the folder wehre you would like to upload them from.


Tips and Tricks


  • Use the Pre-installed Templates to quickly select a professional designed store front and speed the time to get your E-Store published and ready for sales!
  • Take sharp and clear images of your product. Potential buyers do not need to see a blurred image.
  • Study your market and price your product accordingly.
  • If this is your first online store or you have a store online, take time to read a detailed .pdf help file. The shopping cart is easy to follow and does not require HTML or CSS. You can start immediately inserting your product line. But there are always questions and the help file will answer most questions. If you still need help, log into our CoffeeCup Public Forum where you are sure to get quick response to your questions. Or, check these sites:
    CoffeeCup Shopping Cart Help Center.
    CoffeeCup Shopping Cart Video Tutorials
    CoffeeCup YouTube