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Flash Photo Gallery

Flash Photo GalleryCoffeeCup Flash Photo Gallery is an easy to use image gallery for your Web site. It can be customized to coordinate with the design of your site by adding backgrounds and colors that compliment your site.

Photo Gallery offers options to add sound, separate albums within the gallery, add captions to each image, and it will automatically optimize your images.

Photo Gallery has its own Built-In FTP so you can easily upload your gallery instantly to your server.


CoffeeCup Photo Gallery now offers templates for your albums! You can now enhance your albums with customized templates. Version 5.7 comes with a nice selection of templates to chose from or you can create your own templates to compliment your album's theme, or tailor your gallery to match your website! Check out the latest version: CoffeeCup Photo Gallery 5.7




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Questions - Answers

Q. Can I resize the box that shows the photos?
A. Yes, place your mouse on the dotted line that is around the window, left click, hold, and drag to the desired width or height.

Q. What if I do not want to have the thumbnails?
A. On the "Gallery Setting" tab, resize the height so that the thumbnail window will not be visible.

Tips and Tricks

CoffeeCup Flash Photo Gallery

  • There are two ways to remove the default background sounds in the program. You can either use the small "x" to the right of the Browse button, or you can add a checkmark to the "Don't Play Any Sounds" selection.
  • If you upload the required files with an outside FTP program, make sure you also upload the whole images folder and all its contents. If you do not, none of the images will show in your gallery.
  • Entering text in the Caption field will make the text appear in a drop down area, over the image when it is previewed by a visitor on your web site. Use this area to tell your visitors more about each image.
  • If you need to adjust the order of your albums or images, use the green arrows above each section. One click will move the selected object one position in the direction of the arrow. Keep clicking the arrow and the image will keep moving in that direction.
  • If you are having trouble importing all your images into Photo Gallery, or it is taking too long, try reducing the size of the image that will be displayed. Using smaller images has multiple advantages. Not only will they load into our program faster but they will also load in your visitor's browser faster.
  • To add multiple images from the same folder without importing each individually, hold down your Ctrl button when selecting each image. Keep the button held down until all images are selected then click the Open button. You can also use the Shift key to select multiple images. Select your first image; hold down the Shift key, select your last image and all images in between will also be selected.
  • Use the transparency setting under the Background tab in the Photo Albums area to adjust the opacity of background behind the albums. The smaller the number in the transparency setting the more of the previewed image will display through.
  • If the images appear blurry when they are previewed, try removing them from your album and adding them back in. When importing the images back into the program, choose one of the higher resolution choices for resizing. It is also possible the images are too small and you will need to use a smaller preview area in your gallery in order for the images to appear correctly.
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